Building Information / Management (BIS / BMS)

It is natural for us at CSI, the leading developer of building management information system in Mumbai, to have a strong footprint in the complete building automation system, as we have good expertise in the various components or systems that goes into it. The entire surveillance, security, fire fighting & control, facility monitoring, leak detection, entrance control and visitor tracking systems are seamlessly integrated into a single entity as a comprehensive building management information system so as to have better control and monitor of all these constituents from a centralized location. With constantly updated knowledge base, cutting edge technologies, and ofcourse the strong and intelligent workforce, we at CSI easily design, customize and implement the entire system to conform to your technical requirements.

  • Wired or wireless technology based on state of the art protocols
  • Centralized monitoring system with strict access privileges
  • Secure storage of data for audit trails
  • Online capturing of data and image to achieve the best possible co-ordination among different agencies.
  • Improved efficiency in energy savings
  • Remote monitoring of all events and performance of utility systems