Canteen Management Solutions

One of the deterrent forces in hospitality industry can be easily attributed to inadequate service. With the help of our Canteen Management Solutions, it is very much possible to efficiently manage your patrons at the quickest possible time to their complete satisfaction. As our system is capable of managing data originating through different locations and users, it provides great insights for the establishment owners for improving their speed and efficiency of service.

Again with excellent customization options, our canteen management solutions become the user interface for menu design, billing and tax calculation. If needed, a complete system installed in a large organization can be integrated with payroll systems of your employee to facilitate automatic refunds or recharges.

  • Provision to integrate with kiosks for touch screen operations
  • Add on modules such as vendor management, inventory management
  • Integration with smart card authentication for employees
  • Online ordering of food

At CSI, we strive to achieve nothing short of best through dedicated efforts and better utilization of viable technology. And more importantly we opt for designs that smoothly permeate through future technological advances, so as to achieve better results for our esteemed clients without necessitating the need for change in hardware or software. We are pretty sure that all our automated solutions and systems would have enticed you. As a first step towards proceeding further, please drop a mail or call us; we would provide you with elaborate details on your chosen requirement and pave way for your business growth.