Electronic Article Surveillance

It is of paramount importance for the retail store owners to finely balance two aspects – friendliness with customers and deterrence to shoplifters. Our design team associated with electronic article surveillance (EAS) is very much aware of this crucial fact and hence has adopted aesthetic creation of tags, detection units, labels and safers that do not cut your profits or invite the irk of customers. Based on the requirement, we provide AM, RF and RFID based EAS to deter the intention of pilferage while absolutely ensuring the covert placements of tags and sensors.

CSI not only offers superior security hard tags and RF based antennas but also provide the necessary accessories such as deactivators and detachers that are very much necessary to avoid long queues at the billing counters. With technology running in our blood line, we can also offer EAS functionality embedded barcode readers to instantaneously scan and de-activate labels. With excellent OEM partners, we offer EAS that are durable and visually appealing. And needless to say, all our products are future technology proof and can easily detect any type of EAS tags.