Entrance Screening

Entrance screening has become the norm in most of the high security buildings, military checkpoints, airports, large commercial establishments, and any other premises that need to manage large crowd gathering, as all stake holders have realized the importance of being safe rather than facing unfortunate incidences. CSI, the leading manufacturer of entrance-screening system, echoes this school of thought and presents you with an impeccable system that ensures paramount safety.

Our excellent designs of entrance screen systems has established us a leader in screening solutions for all the variants. We have unique solutions for detecting every type of threat –explosives, metallic objects, non-metallic contrabands made out of plastic, or ceramic and hence it is no wonder our image based people screening system is a preferred choice of the industry. Also, based on your needs, our technical ability is harnessed to the fullest ability to provide a completely customized system.

  • Weather proof systems for outdoor installations
  • Easily deployable design to facilitate relocation
  • Superior detection limits to check pilferage from work place