Facility Monitoring Systems (FMS)

Many a time, it becomes comprehensive monitoring of critical facilities, crucial equipments, important parameters such as temperature, humidity, leaks, smoke, fire and pressure assumes high significance and calls for exclusive Facility Monitoring System (FMS) to sustain proper operations. With CSI to the rescue for these vital requirements, all facility managers can be rest assured. Thanks to the excellent design aspects and in-built safety features, our highly reliable FMS renders unparallel service with excellent versatility and scalability. Being a web based service, it provides real time data fetched from the sensors to the onboard interface. Also with FMS of CSI, it is quite possible to reduce the downtime to the least minimum value.

  • Highly suitable for telecommunication facilities, clean rooms, museums, hospitals, analytical labs and many more
  • No requirement of additional server, as our FMS is self contained and all the data are hosted by it.
  • Highly user configurable to create customized settings.
  • Switches over to redundant unit without manual intervention
  • Real time data backup provision
  • Real time alarm and notification through SMS, email and telephone