Fire Protection Systems With Computerized Maintenance Management System

Modern CCMS offers smart and automated fire control and safety

A fire was one of the most important discoveries by humans, for it led them to improve their living conditions. Among the most fundamental uses of fire were the cooked food, safety from wild animals and also clearing forests for cultivation. However, humans also understood very early the destructive dimensions of fire if the same goes out of control. This destructive dimension of fire still exists and in ever potent forms because now we live in more sophisticated ambiances that are stuffed with lots of inflammable products like polymers & plastics, petroleum oils, wood and much more. Apart from this, we now have much of the important documents and expensive items that also need protection against fire; and hence the need of fire control has been felt and responded through ever refined interventions. CCMS or ‘computerized maintenance and management system’ is an automatic fire detection and protection system. CCMS offers to detect and control fire effectively and it relies on the combination of different techniques apart from applicative electronics and allied sensors framework. A leading fire protection system supplier in Mumbai specializes in CCMS for home and industrial applications and also offers after sales service.



CCMS has been developed as an integrated concept that combines different fire control systems which were invented through successive refinements. The frontal addition has been done through the smart electronic interfaces that allow unified and semi/fully automated management of the situation when a fire breaks out in the ambiance. These composite systems also allow for the regular maintenance and checkups of the components so as to ensure that everything is working correctly. Any CCMS usually contains the three essential fragments that work in consonance to prevent the loss of life and property. These are –


  1. Passive fire control interventions

These are also among the oldest concepts of fire control and most of these do require human intervention after the fire breaks out; therefore called as passive! Despite being the oldest interventions in the direction of fire safety and control, these are still equally valid and form the significant part of CCMS! These include the fire extinguisher cylinders mounted on the walls, concrete firewalls which block the spread from one to another part of the building, safety doors and such other mechanisms that need to be activated or serve in a passive manner to prevent fire. Noted fire protection system dealer in Mumbai says that now we find these components integrated into the regional fire safety codes that also include the CCMS specifications.


  1. Real time fire detection mechanisms and sensors

These form the second generation fire safety gadgets which are mostly based on smart sensors. Fire safety alarms are developed and connected to the CCMS control panel from where the next level of ‘suppression systems’ are activated almost automatically. The fire sensors are actually the amalgams of chemical detection and electronics and the rising level of specific ingredients like CO (carbon monoxide), CO2 (carbon dioxide), smoke, heat are sensed and the alarm is activated accordingly. Leading smoke detection system supplier of Mumbai deals in all types of sensors and alarms that are used in modern CCMS.


  1. Fire suppressions systems

The suppression systems mainly use the automated water sprinklers that hang overhead and start as soon as the fire alarms are activated. These are meant to suppress the fire incident and thus prevent the loss of life and property. These are very important to control the fire in the early phase itself.

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