Fire Suppression

Considering the importance of preventing the colossal loss due to a fire accident, it is very important to extinguish the fire at its earliest possible stage. And what better can be the better solution other than the fire suppression system delivered by CSI? With in-depth knowledge of know-how on fire suppression and sprinkler systems, we offer conventional or specialized hazard mitigation system as per your needs. Having a strong commitment to serve our clients and protect their assets, CSI, one of the most sought after fire suppression system supplier, always strives to implement the best of technologies.

Right from the designing stage, we focus completely on efficient protection and sprinkler systems that can save lives and protect assets without an iota of compromise in quality.

  • Elegant new or retrofit designs without hampering the aesthetics of building
  • Integration with Building information management systems for better communication
  • Complete automation with notification in the event of sprinklers getting triggered