Food and Beverage

In milk processing & product manufacturing, CSI’s expertise in implementing plant automation systems at all levels including data capture from the plant, data logging, historian systems and interactive web based MIS solutions ensures improved processes and optimal performance with anytime-anywhere access to information.

  • Automated Milk Collection System
  • Weighbridge Automation
  • Process Automation
  • Product Dispatch
  • Dairy Tanker Security System
  • Plant Information System
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Force Automation

Our Services

Integrated Milk Procurement System

  • Automated milk collection system with integrated weighment and milk testing
  • Availability of milk collection records electronically in a central repository
  • Centralized rate management
  • Automatic reconciliation of truck sheet
  • Advanced automation using 2-D Barcode to automate data collection and seamlessly integrate BMC, tanker & union/plant information systems
  • Elimination of manual entries
  • Centralized device management

Tanker Security

  • High Security Padlock: Set of Padlocks allocated to tanker with common key arrangement
  • i-Button based Key Management Unit (KDU): for depositing the key of the padlocks, which will be resident on board.
  • Vehicle Tracking Unit : An onboard GPS and GSM based controller to track tanker movement and handle intrusion alerts at all points of Inlet/outlets and key transactions.
  • EzyTracking Website: A web based dashboard application for near real-time visibility of tanker, their alerts and MIS reports.

Plant Automation

We offer process automation & control solution for continuous, sequential and batch process applications. We provide both simplex as well as redundant control systems, for small and large process plants and undertake engineering, commissioning, third-party interfacing, FAT & site support.

Plant Information System

  • Integrated with all major SCADA systems via OPC
  • Web-Based "Anytime-Anywhere" Reporting
  • User-role based Authentication and Access Control
  • Trending of the process data
  • Interfacing Weighbridge & Lab equipments into MIS
  • Access of MIS (as well as HMI) on Mobile
  • FDA compliant for pharmaceutical MIS

Automated Identification

  • Terminal Managemet
  • Web-Based "Anytime-Anywhere" Reporting
  • Raw Material Tracking
  • Distribution Crate Tracking
  • WIP tracking & QA
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Access Control & People Tracking

Mobile SFA

  • Efficient field operation
  • Real time visibility and tracking
  • Fast ROI thru reduced back-office expenses
  • Streamlined logistics
  • Performance monitoring and feedback
  • Integrated promotion campaign

Infrastructure Management

  • Servers & desktop management
  • Wired/wireless networking
  • Virtualization and cloud
  • Managed data center
  • Help Desk

Security & Surveillance