Home Automation System

The demand for energy and water is always on rise and hence the requirement for their proper conservation through smart technologies is no more a luxury, but inevitability. And with stressful ambience at work, you deserve the best of comfort readily available the moment you reach your home. Home automation system of CSI precisely carries out all instructions delivered through your smart phone and ensures safety, comfort and energy efficiency. Be it switching the geyser on before you arrive, set the temperature of air conditioner at a comfortable level, start recording your favorite television program, or even brighten or darken the illumination of rooms through lights, controlling remotely anything and everything is possible through our switchboards which with its inbuilt Wi-Fi capability converts your appliances smart.

And as far as safety is concerned, the supreme ability of our home automation system detects and transmits any unusual activity in the premises. And the systems developed by CSI are smart enough to calculate the energy consumption and keep you informed as and when you seek.

  • Highly user friendly with full control through smart phone
  • Instant generation of reports through SMS on suspected unusual activity.
  • Provides complete control of your power consumption