Integrated Milk Procurement System

Solution For

Dairy companies and co-operatives.

Product Overview

An integrated solution for procurement (with automated weighment & testing), logistics, in-transit visibility and timely payment processing.

Why this is needed

Most of the dairies in India are using desktop based standalone system for managing milk collection at VLCC. However, they are facing following issues in the AMCS solution:

  • Non-availability of milk collection transactions centrally
  • Delay in receipt of Manually compiled statement and are prone to human error
  • No control of operation at BMC/collection centre
  • No mechanism of managing rate centrally
  • Discrepancies in tanker milk collection record (truck sheet) vis-à-vis BMC collection records
  • No proper audit possible due to lot of manual processes and documentation

Our IMPS solution solves the above issues with the use of reliable technology platform without much disruption in the existing operation.

What it solves

  • Automated weighment and testing of milk
  • Instant billing and receipt to farmers/producers
  • Automated reconciliation of collection and dispatch
  • Online tracking of milk movement
  • Automated weighment, sampling & reception at plant
  • Tracking pilferage and loss
  • Fast processing of payment
  • Centralized Rate management
  • Manage supply of medicine and feed to milk producer
  • Monitoring operation at collection centre
  • Instant communication channel with collection centre and milk producers

How it works

Solution Components:

  • IMPS Client Hardware (At VLCC)
  • IMPS Tanker Client (Mobile App)
  • IMPS Server on Cloud (For Milk union & Plant)

Our Mobile POS is a handheld terminal or mobile tablet based solution with thermal printer, magnetic card reader, 2G/3G modem for GPRS, interface unit for integration with weighing scale & milk testing equipments.

When a producer brings the milk for sale at collection centre, it is automatically weighed (and tested in case of milk) by our system and a receipt is generated for producer’s reference. The collection details are sent to server via GPRS.

The transportation of good from collection centre/market to plant is also managed through our system wherein goods dispatch note with 2-D barcode is generated for tracking and processing of GRN at plant.

Once the tanker reaches plant, the weighment, sampling and reception is automated without any manual entry by the operator, This speeds up the tanker reception at plant and ensures correct testing & reception.

The IMPS server application allow update of all parameters like rate to be changed centrally and it is automatically updated on IMPS client system at field. This empowers the management to implement their pricing strategy efficiently without any delay.

Our server software also allow centralized update of system parameters and software patch over-the-air for remote devices.

Get these benefits

  • Automated processes with streamlined operation and transparency
  • Prevention of manual error or manipulation
  • Gain confidence and goodwill of producers
  • Availability of real-time status information for production planning
  • Identify bottleneck and take corrective actions
  • Centralized rate management
  • Veterinary medicine and cattle-feed supply management
  • Error-free fast processing of payment
  • Identify pilferage/loss
  • Common platform for data exchange and interaction with milk producers