Intrusion Detection System

CSI has the perfect solution for detecting intrusion of your network by inspecting traffic among connected devices. It is not without reasons we are tagged as the most reputed intrusion detection system manufacturer in Mumbai – all systems are created out of latest technologies and have huge potential in identifying all sorts of entities that make an effort to threaten the prevailing in-built security features and controls.

Depending on the requirement of our clients, we offer two variations - network and host based intrusion detection system (IDS) to gather, flag, log, and alert any suspicious traffic or activity.

  • Network IDS: Based on the collection of data packets through network tap, hub or span port, any suspicious traffic or anomalous behavior are flagged.
  • Host IDS (HIDS): Being a device specific IDS, it is installed in every system to monitor the activities of OS.

With excellent correlation directives, IDS developed by CSI is your best bet for detecting any rogue process or system compromise.