Library Management System

The digital automation services of CSI are not restricted to business and industrial establishments, as we have strong footprints in literary and educational arena too. Our library management system is created by team members having high acumen for developing sophisticated and secured software platforms and hence it is highly advanced with efficient database storage features. Wholeheartedly appreciated by all our librarian clients, our fully functional software consists of all necessary modules for automating your library – Issues, acquisitions, remainders, catalogs, members, reports, serials and many more customization tools.

With an option to have cloud based hosting or a standalone entity, CSI has drastically reduced manual efforts of maintaining the records.

  • Highly compatible for third party integration
  • Easy generation of reports, reservations and remainders
  • Real time integration across multi-location libraries to manage & disseminate data
  • Customizable to have different criteria for searching books.
  • Automatic fine or penalty amount calculation