Plant Intelligence

Plant Intelligence Suite

Usefull For

Manufacturing Plant - F&B, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Energy, Metal etc.

Product Overview

A seamlessly integrated set of products for plant monitoring, control and analytics.

Why this is needed

  • Raw data from process automation systems are plentiful & presented for operator assistance but not in the format that aids decision making for management
  • Another issue is the separation of automation with enterprise systems which hampers information flow and leads to islands of data
  • Non-availability of information on the move for plant operators and managers thus often delays issues resolution and alarm handling
  • Limited facility of generating exception reports
  • Due to presence of a number of separate systems, integrated view of operation (for e.g. BOP) if often done manually and is time consuming

We try to solve the above issues by providing set of solution on open industry standard protocols like OPC and bridging the information divide.

What it solves

  • Automated process data acquisition and monitoring based on fast, reliable OPC technology
  • Web-based solution for easy management of the system and access of information through-out the plant
  • Online reports and trends generation
  • Integration of plant floor with the enterprise using secure and robust industrial networking scheme and standard connectors for major ERP systems like SAP, Oracle and legacy systems
  • Single integrated comprehensive view of the plant using dashboards
  • OEE & SPC modules for advanced analytics


  • Weighbridge
  • Parameterized Lab Analysis
  • Reception Automation
  • Milk Transfer Monitoring
  • CIP Monitoring
  • Production Reporting
  • Utilities Consumption & Costing
  • Product Dispatch & Crate Accounting
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Pasteurization
  • Evaporator Log Sheet
  • Dryer Log Sheet
  • Mass Balance Reporting

Chemical/Pharma /Others

  • Raw Material tracking System
  • Sterilization-In-Place
  • Tank Farm Monitoring
  • Rector & Equipment Monitoring
  • Batch Production Reporting
  • OEE & Downtime Tracking
  • Equipment Maintenance