Secondary Sales Management

Useful For

Manufacturers, distributors and stockiest

Product Overview

A sales force automation solution using mobile technology for field sales and backend web-based management console for centralized management of operation.

What it solves

Field sales ordering and payment collection
Secondary sales tracking
Sales force scheduling and monitoring
Fast order processing and early indent to manufacturer
Goal planning and performance audit
Convenient paper-less operation

What to expect

On-time Access to information on-field crucial for competitive success
On-spot order processing & confirmation
Effective utilization of sales force
Reduce back-office dependency & cost
Ensure sales activity as per business plan
Paperless Operation
Real-time visibility & tracking
Convenient platform for marketing campaign

How it works

Solution Components:

  • SFA Mobile Application: For Sales Person
  • SFA Server Application: For Manufacturer / Distributor

Both mobile and server applications are managed by CSI on a cloud infrastructure. This means that the customer does not require more that a PC and internet connection to get started and manage their operation.Sales person can access product catalogue and inventory on field, take order, deliver product and print invoice for payment collection.Order captured on field is sent thru GPRS/SMS to server where distributor/ stockist can review and release indent to manufacturer instantly.Manufacturers get timely order and secondary sales insight on a real-time basis.