SOS Telephone systems

SOS telephone systems, alternatively known as emergency call system is a godsend gift for those who avail it in the time of distress. The significance of SOS telephone systems can be gauged with a stipulation of them being available in every two kilometers in the highway. CSI very much appreciates the necessity of SOS telephones, as it can be the first link towards saving a life during an unexpected road situation. With full duplex voice connection for SOS telephone systems, we at CSI, being a dedicated player among other SOS Telephone systems providers Mumbai, India, serve our customer base only with impeccable solutions that comes with a tag of best in quality.

  • Works of many wireless technologies and laid cables
  • Self testing facility
  • Weather proof housing to endure tough weather conditions and other naturally caused influences
  • Hierarchical multi-centre connectivity even with other networks.
  • Easy connection with the control centre through a single press of button