Spot Billing and Payment

Useful For

  • Gas, electricity and other utility companies
  • Banking and Insurance companies
  • Retail & distribution companies

Product Overview

A mobile-based paper-less solution for spot billing and payment collection.

What it solves

Data collection billing & payment collection in single visit to customer
Timely, correct billing and early revenue realization
Allow monitoring of operation centrally
Accept payment through cash/cheque/credit card

What to expect

Huge reduction in billing cost
Timely & correct billing
Early payment realization
Consumer satisfaction due to multiple payment options
Paper-less operation with complete electronic trail for transactions
Simplified operations management

How it works

A mobile app and back-office server application is all that is required. Consumer billing details are pushed to the mobile of field operator. Mobile device is used for capture of usage/service data (along with Level-1 validation) and billing done immediately. Option of payment collection and consumer signature capture, all through the mobile. Use of GPRS for instant communication to back-office. Web-based interface for centralized monitoring and control of operations.