Grab these 15 tips for better upkeep and maintenance of your video surveillance system

Video surveillance systems are considered the frontline gadgets that offer the real time footage of what is happening in the premise that is sought to be guarded against any untoward incident. These systems are developed through the combination of sophisticated components including camera and cabling network that connects to the decoder/DVR units to generate the practical results. Due to the interconnection of such sophisticated components, the maintenance of the same emerges very significantly. A leading video surveillance system supplier in Mumbai, India offers the following tips and counsels for proper maintenance of the components.

1. Camera lens should be cleaned regularly

Your camera lens needs to be clean always to capture the clear footage any time. Hence ensure that this responsibility is entrusted to a designated servant.

2. The landscape should be free from unwarranted bushes and hedges

Clear out the wild hedges and bushes that grow in the surroundings and obstruct the view of the cameras. This is necessary to get the clear picture.

3. Check the housing of the cam

Housing is very important for the surveillance systems which are often mounted in outdoors. Regularly check the housing for signs of dust, moisture and water traces.

4. Check for signs of corrosion

Corrosion can occur due to the moisture and connectors often get affected first. Remove the corroded components to prevent any short circuiting.

5. See if the cables are properly connected

Leading surveillance system service provider in Mumbai recommends regular checking of the cables that carry the feed to the DVR. The service provider says that basics of connection should be learned.

6. Check the power supply indicators

Power supply is integral to the functioning of the system. Check that all indicators are on and the UPS supply is also fully maintained.

7. Dusting the DVR

DVR generally accumulate dust and grime. The DVR needs to be cleaned regularly else the dust could fault the circuits or choke the heat dissipation mechanisms.

8. Hard drive needs regular cleaning

Noted surveillance and security system supplier of India says that the hard drive cleaning tasks should be learned as part of troubleshooting so that space is always available for new footage recording.

9. Check the recording function once in a week

Check if the recording function is working correctly or not. This is to ensure that any important footage is not lost when the need arises.

10. Review the cam positions periodically

Camera positions should be reviewed after analyzing the footage characteristics. Appropriate modifications can be done for better view capturing.

11. Ensure that important locations are well lit

All important locations that are being covered by the security cams should be well lit at both day and night times so that clear footage is developed.

12. Set the date and time as correct

Time and date are very important functions in the CCTV cam systems. Unless these are fed as correct, the footage obtained would be futile for the purpose of investigation and analyses.

13. Remove banners and hoardings that are useless

Remove the useless banners and hoardings, especially those which obstruct the view indoors or outdoors.

14. Buy professional maintenance

CCTV camera dealers in Mumbai offer professional maintenance packages to their customers. Through such packages, they offer complete care and overhauling at periodic intervals.

15. Declare that you are using a surveillance cam!

Show up signage that ‘you are being watched’. This acts as a deterrent against the corrupt staff as also the fraudsters outside office/enterprise area.

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