Tracking Systems

Tracking systems are unique and innovative in a sense that it enables the customers to see their vehicle’s real time position anywhere, anytime from any web enabled device. It would not be an understatement, if tracking systems are termed as godsend gifts for fleet and individual vehicle owners. At CSI, we closely hold our hands with the technology and provide better surveillance of vehicles for our esteemed clients. Based on the technology of real time GPS tracking, and if necessary also on the GSM network signals of their mobile handsets, our tracking systems can precisely pinpoint the location of vehicle along with other parameters such as battery power that are associated with it.

With our CSI tracking systems, it is also possible to monitor excessive speed of vehicle, aggressive driving behavior and use of the vehicle beyond the intended scope. Thanks to our dedicated efforts and spectacular performance of tracking system, several of our clientele, including fleet and business owners have averted potential threats to their vehicles and have already achieved the best ROI.

We at CSI believe in rendering comprehensive security solution with the assistance of best available technology. Hence it is no wonder, the integrated security, control & surveillance systems of CSI are created not only to enforce deterrence for suspicious activities, but also to achieve better business process management. If you need more information on any of these products, do let us know. We would gladly explain and provide all the details and assist you to make an informed decision.