Two way Audio systems

Securing the interests and assets of facilities have always been a concern for business companies and hence it is no wonder, they are always on lookout for additional ways to strengthen their security measures. So, why to choose for less, when CSI can offer you an impeccable solution for one to one wireless audio communication system? Built with the latest protocols and backed up by latest technologies, our two way audio systems offer spectacular facilities to communicate with your team. As a most valuable two way audio communication system provider in Mumbai, we are confident of providing seamless connection at both the ends with our technological superior technology and designs.

  • Several options for antennas, starting from the conventional microphone antenna to GPS enabled ones.
  • Crystal clear audio performance to ensure high quality communication
  • Wide protocol and platform options
  • Versatile charging solutions to keep you connected always
  • Provision to link with other surveillance systems such as to step up the vigil.