Visitor management & badging systems (VMS)

Visitor management & badging system has always been one of the challenging issues of any business or other establishments like schools or healthcare centers. CSI’s visitor management & badging system can easily accommodate your versatile requirements without comprising security aspects. Based on strong software platform developed by us, we offer the best solution in the industry to manage your visitors.

With plethora of customization options, we at CSI are confident of meeting the demands of all organizations. For instance, while a standalone management system is deployed by us small and medium organization, we strongly recommend enterprise or web based systems for large organizations or any other institutions where security protocols are stringent owing to the sensitivity of the area.

  • Easy notification to hosts through email or SMS.
  • Quick enabling or disabling of digital badges through access control systems
  • Facility for pre-registration of visitors to save time.
  • Provision for integration with biometric devices to enhance safety
  • Registration of visitors and printing of badges with few clicks in the control console.
  • Complete trail of visitor’s movement.