Cash Management App

Solution For

Cash Management Agencies, Payment/Premium Collection etc.

Product Overview

A suite of mobile apps for management of CIT, ATM Cash Replenishment and FLM process.


Manual field processes
Huge Paper work
Manual data entry
Bottlenecks in reporting
No real-time visibility


Efficient management of operations
Paper-less operations
Real-time visibility
Automated EOD Reconciliation
Manage compliance

How it works

Key Highlights

Android Mobile based solution
Fast data entry with L1 validation
Automated EOD statement
Real-time transaction update
Online task assignment & scheduling updates
Online Report & Dashboard

ATM Cash Replenishment

Download of ATM and daily indents for field activity
Seamlessly integrated with vault process and barcode based asset mgmt.
Guided entry of cash replenishment activity using intuitive app forms
Additional automation & security using bar-code

CIT Module

Manage client, routes & CIT stops
Automatically download daily route details from server
Efficiently record field transactions with required business controls

FLM Process

Automatic posting of route-wise calls to respective custodians
Record & update call handling and closure status for all complaints

Vault Process

Barcode based fast allocation, updation and de-allocation of assets
Covers Vehicle, ATM key, trunks, cash, seal bags, mobile etc