Customer Loyalty Solution

Useful For

Any company/establishment engaged in providing products & services to consumers.

Product Overview

A multi-tier multi-coalition loyalty management solution on a web-based platform supporting POS, mobile and online communication channels.

What to expect

For Member (Consumers):
Reward Points for all purchases
Instantly receive promotions info and updates by e-mail/SMS
Utilize earned points for multiple redemption channels as per choice
For Merchant Establishment (You):
Assured revenue and increased profit
Customer engagement and retention
Customer delight by offering only of its kind program in Saudi Arabia
Availability of never before insight about customers and market trends

What it solves

Identify and maintain loyal customer record
Reward loyalty of customer
Capture consumer feedback
Buying behaviour data based on demographics, time, event etc.
Multi-channel customer engagement

How it works

CMS-based portal solution for multi-coalition loyalty program management.

Rule based flexible loyalty engine to create marketing campaign as per business requirements and process batch as well as real-time transactions.

Supports gift-cards & vouchers, discount cards, e-mail campaign & messaging.

Analytics and exhaustive MIS to get market insightand trend based on demographics, product, time etc.