Internet Portals

Solution Area

Departmental Workflow & MIS
Online form filling & processing
Citizen & Social Services
Tax & Revenue Management
Public Safety
Electronic Reporting


Paper-less operation
Increase operation efficiencies
Strengthen information assurance
Streamlined workflow
Electronic document management
Increase transparency
Enhance government compliance


Our mobile and handheld based applications provide enormous opportunity to government to reduce operational costs, improve performance and have tight control (and audit) over processes.

Health and Public Welfare
  • Field Survey using mobile devices and GPS assist
  • Remote Data Collection and aggregation
  • Welfare Program Management and Reporting
Police Department, Law Enforcement and Border Security
  • E-challan
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Incident Reporting
  • City-wide Surveillance
  • Biometric handheld based authentication
Power Water Department and Municipal Corporation
  • On Spot Billing for water/power/municipal tax
  • Mobile based survey and data collection

Disaster Management

Some hard facts:

  • 86 thousand people are killed in accidents every year in India.
  • At least 30 to 45 minutes elapse before an accident victim arrives at a hospital.
  • 12% of the institutions in the trauma care sector have no access to ambulances.

An advanced Emergency Response System (ERS) that automates all the activities of the base station/call center:

  • Tracking the ambulance
  • Reaching the emergency site by Emergency Response Vehicle in the fastest manner.
  • Monitoring the emergency care process, i.e. supplying information about the condition of the injured people prior their transportations to the hospital to help
  • prepare trauma team for treatment
  • Provide help at field (advises, supervision) from specialists located in the hospital